We deserve better. We deserve the truth.

At Sheridan Geno, our mission is to change the world by uniting its people in a unique way: by each individual understanding that they aren’t alone in how they feel and act, and that the global population is deeply connected with each other, not divided, as it appears on the surface.

Additionally, by allowing individuals to see and be driven by their true and prenatal Self, to replace anxiety and depression (and hence vilification of “others”) with the life-purpose that is woven into their very genes, that is shared with others of the same type across the globe.

This is accomplished through understanding and application of the Sheridan Geno Personality Type tm (SGPT), heralded as “groundbreaking” and built on award-winning research. We can and must do better than the currently outdated standards of personality types; we need greater accuracy, specificity, usability, and applicability to modern life challenges. For the sake of the human species.

SGPT exposes the fact that, beneath our superficial ego (that makes us each think we are special and better than each other), we have an uncannily well-constructed team structure baked into our genes (prenatal Self) which, when made to work with each other, makes a powerful Team Human; the ancient secret to our survival, which was lost long ago, until now.

Founder, James Sheridan explains:

The applications are endless in the field of human endeavor:

• Personal development
• Education and career planning
• Dating and relationships
• Recruitment
• Management and motivation
• Sales and marketing
• Teaching and training
• Psychographics

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“Fantastic and groundbreaking.” – Jack Canfield.



“Now I feel accepted and belonging. My past 10 years of self development didn’t accomplish what this did in one hit.”

Samantha Carlton



“A much quicker way to find out what your drivers and purpose are than doing a million other quizzes.”

Andrew Right